Wednesday, March 22

Constant Interruption

To date, I’m not getting much other than “administrative” work. Dishwasher no workie – there’s a clog in the pipe and, after disconnecting hoses and filters, I find that the problem is between the filter and the drain hose. Under or behind the dishwasher. Meaning that I have to pull the thing out from under the cabinet to get at it. My BF, aka The Fixer, is working on the bumper of Daughter #2’s car, which was cracked up when she hit a clay embankment – there had been a road there the last time she drove that way. Getting that car going again is Job One. Meaning that I’m not waiting around for him to do it this particular maintenance. Roof shingles are falling off the house. Front yard is covered in dandelions. Shrubs need pruning. Dogs need clipping. Taxes need paying. On and on. Oh, well.

Re: knitting. I ended up having to frog my mom’s beret. It looked like it was going to be much too close-fitting when she wanted a nice, floppy beret; confirmation came over the weekend when I went to her house and put in on her head, dpns and all. Crud. I’m starting over and will try doubling the increases in the beginning and so on until it looks like it will have the requisite flop factor.

While I was there, Nimblecrone helped me wind one (yes, one) ball of yarn from a hank I had with me. That dull little process was enough to justify/rationalize purchase of a gadget that I can ill afford at this time of the year but, it suddenly seemed IMPORTANT. I got a ball winder from the LYS – well, it’s not local for me because it’s 15 miles away – and I’m going to try it out today. It was purchased sight unseen through Nimblecrone who lives, fortunately for me, just 3 miles from this store. She has to drive to Colatown for work which is only a mile from my office (is this good fortune or not?) Although it apparatus looks mechanically sound, it appears to have been designed in the 1960s – do they all look this way? I expected something sleeker instead of this clunky, oddly colored thing. Here’s a picture – well, not there's not. It won't upload. Maybe later.

I guess I don’t really care how it looks as long as it works, but it does offend my sensibilities. My need for instant gratification prohibits my returning this one to the store and ordering another model. I must start a lace project, SOON.

Doggone it, I have got to finish the baby quilt! It’s been 9 months since its inception and the only thing keeping me from finishing is the need for more templates. I’m really very close. Maybe I should just put up a tutu picture. Please note that it is pinned to a wall and looks better under stage lighting. You can't see all the little bits of shiny gold mesh inserted amongst the pinched ruffles. No, I don’t have the headpiece. It's been cannibalized.


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